Transportation between UK and China

Our affiliated shipping service is designed to make the logistics of moving products across continents a stress-free venture with efficiency and reliability key to our operations.

Establishing your business into China

Our China-based sales and marketing team will work to grow your presence within the Chinese market place. As well as being promoted and marketed, your shop will also be introduced by the team through various channels, giving your shop and products a new and vast customer base.

local E-Marketplace promotion

Our UK-based marketing department will help grow your visibility to UK shoppers through it’s various social-media and marketing routes. This will help raise your identity as an innovative retailer

Bonded Warehouse between UK and China

Through our partners, we have bonded warehouses in the UK and China where stock can be placed in a secure area for storage, processing and preparation for transportation. This is a key part of the UKVR Shops international supply chain.