Company Overview

We at UKVRSHOPS see the value in physical highstreet shops and aim to expand their operating performance through technology. In recent years, the UK high street has been plagued by eCommerce, and faces an uncertain future, this forces UK shop owners to seek innovative solutions to increase sales, this is where UKVRSHOPS come in. UKVRSHOPS is NOT an online store, instead, it is a dynamic new platform designed to connect UK shops directly to the Chinese market. China is the largest eCommerce market in the world accounting for around 40% of global eCommerce revenue totalling £1Trillion in 2018. Through UKVRSHOPS, physical stores will have the ability to compete with their eCommerce competitors while retaining their credibility and reputation as a ‘bricks & Mortar’ retailer. Chinese consumers have developed a mistrust of eCommerce sites selling UK manufactured products and have shown that they prefer to trust physical stores. Using state-of-the-art immersive media technology and partnering with a first-class, inter-connected warehousing and logistics business, UKVRSHOPS can turn any UK highstreet store into a multinational (UK-Chinese) company in a flash.

Our Vision

At UKVRSHOPS we are dedicated to provide the highest quality service to our customers by creating user-friendly technological and logistical solutions. we aim to take the stress out of international trade, making it accessible to all. We are building an ecosystem intended to protect the interests of physical stores. We find that more and more Chinese consumers want to directly purchase goods from the UK. we pride ourselves on innovation and aim to use all our technical expertise to facilitate platforms that are in-sync with the needs of today’s consumers and highstreet retailers. we will achieve this by bringing together real British stores and Chinese consumers.

Our Corporate Culture

We focus on the interests of physical stores and those who are interested in entering into the Chinese market. The business service ecosystem we operate allows Chinese consumers to directly experience UK stores and connect UK stores directly to the world's largest consumer market. We provide businesses and consumers with a deep understanding of each other's services. We believe that physical stores have practical advantages that cannot be replaced. Connecting consumers to real stores will be a vital part of how we develop future business operations.

Business partnerships

UKVRSHOPS operates in partnership with a series of pioneering social groups and companies that promote Sino-British trade. This includes; The Chinatown Chamber of Commerce in London’s Chinatown, the largest Chinese community in the UK Scorpium VR Scanner, a VR scanning equipment supplier from Singapore iCreation Financial Technology Company from Hong Kong ScopiumVR; an immersive-media solutions company based in the UK PTPI, a trade and logistics-based trading company that is based in Hong Kong and has 30 large warehouses in the UK and China.