Taobao Case Study: Pokemongo Carnival VR Fairyland

Open Taobao APP on your mobile phone, search for Pikachu, enter the 3D Fairyland through Pokemongo Carnival events. Then you can walk around and click the labels of goods to check and shopping.

TMall Case Study: Ambrosial 3D VR Gourmet Showroom

Open Tmall APP on your mobile phone, search for Ambrosial, click 3D VR Gourmet Showroom, then you can walk through the Ambrosial shop. Check the memu though food labels, and click labels of goods to purchase.

APP Case Study: Tuniu 3D Panorama Room Booking

Open Tuniu APP on your mobile phone, search for the hotels with "3D" mark on the upper-right corner, such as Peace Hotel in Shanghai, then click "3D Panorama" to enter into 3D walk-through mode to visit the room.

PC Web Page Case Study: Xiaozhu B&B 3D Panorama Booking (iframe window for panorama)

Visit Xiaozhu website, search the B&B with a "Panorama" label in Beijing, click the icon to enter the 3D panorama mode to walk-through the room.

PC Web Page Case Study: Happy Life 3D Panorama for room decoration (http link) to panorama

Visit Happy Life website, enter the 3D Experience Hall, walk-though inside the room to be personally on the scenes to experience different interior design styles.

WeChat Official Accounts Case Study: Lefull Apartment 3D panorama house inspection

Open WeChat official accounts of Lefull Younth Society, click the "3D Panorama Inspection" in the bottom bar to enter 3D parorama mode, then to work-around inside the room.