We at UKVRSHOPS see the value in physical highstreet shops and aim to expand their operating performance through technology. In recent years, the UK high street has been plagued by eCommerce, and faces an uncertain future, this forces UK shop owners to seek innovative solutions to increase sales, this is where UKVRSHOPS come in. UKVRSHOPS is NOT an online store, instead, it is a dynamic new platform designed to connect UK shops directly to the Chinese market. China is the largest eCommerce market in the world accounting for around 40% of global eCommerce revenue totalling £1Trillion in 2018. Through UKVRSHOPS, physical stores will have the ability to compete with their eCommerce competitors while retaining their credibility and reputation as a ‘bricks & Mortar’ retailer. Chinese consumers have developed a mistrust of eCommerce sites selling UK manufactured products and have shown that they prefer to trust physical stores. Using state-of-the-art immersive media technology and partnering with a first-class, inter-connected warehousing and logistics business, UKVRSHOPS can turn any UK highstreet store into a multinational (UK-Chinese) company in a flash.


This is where ScopiumVR come in…

ScopiumVR is an immersive media solutions company based in the UK. Our focus is on enabling businesses to embrace 3D & Virtual Reality (VR) technology. Using the latest state-of-the-art Scorpium VR Scanner scanning and cloud-based technology, ScopiumVr are able to breathe life into your commercial offering with the ultimate sales, marketing & customer engagement tool.

Why ScopiumVR?

ScopiumVR is the one-stop-shop for all of your Immersive-media needs. Including:

  • • Immersive 3D Virtual Walkthrough experience
  • • Image, text, audio/video labelling
  • • Accurate area measuring
  • • 3D space modelling
  • • 360 o photography
  • • Supports VR goggles
How to get immersive experience at a 3D real scenes with low cost and high efficient?
Scopium VR Scanner Technology provides Scanning equipment and Cloud based services.
*As an example for 150㎡ 3-bed-room apartment can be quick as 40min field scanning.
One Click Easy and Fast Scanning
Automatic Cloud Processing
View, Share, at anyplace and anytime
Support VR Glasses in Native
One Click to Immerse and Experience Ture 3D
Immersive Space, Free Walkthrough, Real Interactive

Immersive 3D walkthrough experience - Born for Future

100% accurately restore interior scenes | May stop or ponder at any corner

Real Estate
Scene-based eCommerce
Real Estate
B & B
Interior Trim
Building Achives
Nursing Service
Envision Infinity

How to replicate your spaces in easy?

One-click operation | Learn the scanning in minutes

Click to view the scanning tutorials video

How to make your own 3D spaces?

On-call Service | Purchase 3D Camera and scan by yourself

On-call Service

Call to 07933875468, or send email to [email protected], to get the one-stop service from on-the-spot scanning to publish.

If Scopium VR Scanner local service partner is available, then services will be provided by local partner immediately.

If no local service partner is available, Scopium VR Scanner will schedule the time according to your location for the service.

Purchase 3D Camera and scan by yourself

Purchase your own 3D scanning camera from Scopium VR Scanner, then you can freely scan any interior spaces and provide scanning services to other customers.

Scopium VR Scanner Cloud Platform, Easy Model Manager

Login Scopium VR Scanner Cloud platform, you can easily create lable, scenes, and manage the information of models.


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